Performance based pricing model

At VUI Cloud, we believe in a customer-focused IVR that leverages scientifically-proven techniques and technologies to increase call automation, reduce call handle times, increase IVR productivity and reduce caller errors and frustration.

Our goal is to create an exceptional and personalized customer experience for the caller, while slashing operating costs for our clients.

Using the VUI Cloud techologies we have developed and production tested, we can quickly create a detailed model of application usage and behavior as callers engage with your IVR.

We compare your existing voice applications with proven best practices and successful real-world implementations by market segment. Using this information, along with our years of expertise and the flexible VUI Cloud functionality, we work with you to develop a strategic plan to optimize the self-service experience for your customers.

Licensing Costs and Services Pricing

The pricing model for the full range of VUI Cloud Services is very straitghforward:

  • A Developers License is always FREE

  • An initial evaluation of your voice application costs $4500. This is a flat fee that typically comprises 4 days of development, a detailed and deep Caller Behavior Analysis Report and Voice User Interface design and analysis consultation by our team of experts.

  • Our Experts Services are billed at $1200 per day

  • The VUI Cloud service uses Performance-Based Pricing, so we only get paid only when you save costs. The license cost is 40% of the total savings the service provides.

    To have a sales specialist go over specific questions you may have about how cost savings are calculated and for any other pricing questions you have, send us an email at:

    Outline of the Initial Evaluation Service

  • Production Results

    Our technology has been production proven in over 110 million self-service telephone calls. Here's an excerpt from one of our white papers, based on this data:

    "For sample B2C Retail, Financial, Travel, Medical Insurance and Government applications, analysis using 95% confidence intervals indicated improvements in IVR Utilization of about 17.24-20.44%, a reduction of First-Attempt Caller Input Errors of about 1.02-1.75% (relative reduction ranging from 4.7-8.0%), an increase in Average Handle Rate of about .5-3% and reductions in Average Handle Time of about 6-16% when incorporating adaptive functionality."

    Another paper indicates: "For the sample medical insurance voice application, analysis using 95% confidence intervals indicated improvements in IVR Utilization of about 17.24% - 20.44%, a reduction in First-Attempt Caller Input Errors of about 1.02% - 1.75% (relative reduction ranging from 4.7% - 8.0%) and a reduction in Average Handle Time of .49% when incorporating adaptive functionality."

    Email us at to obtain copies of these papers.


    Benefits for the caller

    Skilled callers get express service: No need to get aggravated by long, laborious voice prompts - especially when they do not remember all parts of the call flow.

    Novice callers get special attention: They get the information they need without getting frustrated and eventually pushed to a CSR who may ask them to repeat the steps already taken to solve their problem.

    Unfamiliar callers become repeat customers: Callers that have a bad experience with your voice application will rarely return to use it again if they don’t have to. Allowing these callers to have more time to adjust to using the system encourages repeated use instead of instilling bad habits like zeroing out.

    Salvaging self-service for mobile users: Poor cell signals and noisy backgrounds can exacerbate an already frustrating automated call experience. Allowing more time can save the call and the experience.

    Distracted callers do not need to hang up: VUI Cloud technologies allow your IVR to make compromises rather than simply hang up only to have them call back later, or needlessly take up the time of a CSR.

    Some quotes from some of our happy clients...

    “Installed easily and performed flawlessly. With it, we cut our automated call handle times by 26 seconds, and increased our call handle rate by over 1.5 percent.” - Director Of Call Center Operations, Major U.S. Public Transit Company

    “Delivers as promised. We verified an 11 second drop in handle times in our IVR System with the product." - Director, Call Center, Top 5 Super-Regional U.S. Bank

    "Shortened our automated call durations by 6 - 7 seconds and provided an ROI of less than a year for the bank” - SVP Of Operations, Top 3 International Bank.

    Email us at to obtain a copy of the 25 variable ROI Calculator and simulate savings for your own Call Center.

    Benefits for the enterprise

    The figures to the right were computed using our 25 variable ROI Calcualtor and production data from client sites. Our service provides a simple yet effective way to start saving costs quickly via:

    Reduced CSR Labor Costs Due To Increased Call Automation: If self-service is quicker-and-easier for the caller, they will be more likely to use it and stick with it once they have started to use it.

    Reduced CSR Labor Costs Due To Fewer Callers Venting: The average CSR talk-time will be longer for callers irritated with an ineffective IVR. These callers will often take up the CSRs time to complain.

    Reduced Telecom Costs: Shorter automated calls are a product of a user experience that is tuned to each individual callers skill level. This results in lower telecom operating expenses for the call center.

    Reduced Advertising Costs: An enterprise that irritates its customers by having self-service that is disliked by callers will need to spend more on advertising to compensate for this.

    Increased Customer Retention: Satisfying customers will contribute to retaining their business and decrease the cost of acquiring new customers.

    Reduced CSR Churn: An improved caller experience results in fewer complaints to the CSR. This makes the CSR's job more pleasant, reducing CSR churn and increasing CSR Productivity.

    Sample Savings Calculation